Autism Research: The Effectiveness of Simulated Developmental Horse-Riding Program in Children with Autism

Study Looks at Impact of Simulated Developmental Horseback-Riding Program on Sensory Integrative Functions and Motor Proficiency in Autistic Children

Research for Therapeutic Horseback Riding Autism Treatment: Previous research has suggested that therapeutic horseback riding is effective for the treatment of several different health conditions.  A recent technological development has led to a new exercise equipment product that simulates horseback riding.  A study was conducted to determine if a Simulated Developmental Horseback-Riding … [Read more...]

Autism Research: Prospective Trial of Equine-Assisted Activities in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Benefits of Hippotherapy (Equine Therapy) in Children with Autism Researched

Research for Therapeutic Horseback Riding for Autism: Therapeutic horseback riding, or hippotherapy, has been proposed as a treatment for autism.  Although much anecdotal evidence exists supporting the effectiveness of hippotherapy for autism, few studies have been published in regard to therapeutic horseback riding as an autism treatment.  A recent study attempted to determine the effect of … [Read more...]

List of Research for Therapeutic Horseback Riding for Autism

List of Research for Therapeutic Horseback Riding as an Autism Treatment

2013 Research →The Association Between Therapeutic Horseback Riding and the Social Communication and Sensory Reactions of Children with Autism An interrupted treatment study Included 21 children with autism Focused on the impact of therapeutic horseback riding on social communication, sensory processing skills, and autism symptoms 2011 Research →Prospective Trial of Equine-Assisted … [Read more...]