List of Research for Familial Linkage and Autism

Familial Linkage & Autism

2012 Research

Familial Linkage between Neuropsychiatric Disorders and Intellectual Interests

  • A survey study
  • Included 1077 students from the Class of 2014 at Princeton University
  • Focused on the relationship between intended college major and family history of neuropsychiatric disorders

2000 Research

Adenosine Deaminase Alleles and Autistic Disorder: Case-Control and Family-Based Association Studies

  • A case-control study involving 152 control individuals and 91 autistic individuals
  • Focused on allozymes located on the ADA gene (ADA1 and ADA2)
  • Also researched familial linkage of the ADA2 allozyme and characteristics of individuals carrying the ADA2 allozyme (familial linkage study included 91 singleton families and 44 trio families)


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