iPad App Review: Bugs and Buttons

Detailed Review of Bugs and Buttons App for the iPad
Review of Bugs and Buttons App

Tired of paying $3 for an iPad app that just isn’t worth the price?  Then take a look at Bugs and Buttons!  This completely unique iPad app includes 18 original games/activities that make learning fun and entertaining.  Bugs and Buttons comes packed with games that help develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.  It also makes learning numbers, letters, matching, and sequencing enjoyable.  If you haven’t already looked at Bugs and Buttons you are missing out.  After all, this iPad app is quite possibly the best $2.99 you will ever spend on an educational app!

Name of iPad App:

Bugs and Buttons by Little Bit Studio



Overview of Bugs and Buttons iPad App:

Use the "Slingshot" to Launch a Bee at the Target in Bees-Eye on Bugs and Buttons

Bugs and Buttons provides 18 different games to choose from.  Each game helps teach a skill or concept using either bugs or buttons.  Some of the games are more familiar ones such as Tic-Tac-Toe while some are completely unique.  Either way, the realistic graphics and design of the Bugs and Buttons app are sure to capture the attention of any kid.

The 18 games included in Bugs and Buttons are:

  1. Bees-Eye: Use a slingshot to propel a bee at a target.  Get a “bees-eye” for more points.  This Bugs and Buttons game gets harder as your aim becomes more accurate.  At first the target is stationary.  Then the target starts to move.  Finally, a rock occasionally blocks the target.
  2. Patterns: This simple pattern game uses buttons to help children learn to recognize and analyze patterns.  Once the basic patterns are mastered the game becomes more difficult.  Each progressive level creates more options to choose making the game harder and harder.
  3. Counting: This activity teaches the basic principle of counting.  However, this is not your Grandma’s counting game.  This one uses lady bugs, cockroaches, and ants!  The iPad app user counts the number of bugs on the screen and selects the appropriate button corresponding to the number.  This game becomes more difficult as the user answers correctly.  Instead of just counting 1 or 2 bugs, the user may have to count over 10 bugs!
  4. Tic-Tac-Toe: This Bugs and Buttons game is almost a typical version of Tic-Tac-Toe.  However, this is the only time you’ll ever play against a dragon fly!  At first it might appear that the dragon fly is not too smart, but beat him a few times and you’ll quickly learn that he is up to the challenge.  Don’t worry; you don’t have to tell anyone that you lost a game of Tic-Tac-Toe to a dragonfly.
  5. Catch ’em: This is a fast-paced game of hand-eye coordination!  Try to catch all the bugs by touching them, but do it fast because you’re being timed!  This may be the only time that you find yourself actually wanting to touch as many cockroaches as possible!
  6. Button Sorting: This Bugs and Buttons game involves sorting buttons into different containers.  It might start out easy but it becomes progressively more difficult as the iPad user advances.
  7. Factory Sorting: Another activity that involves sorting.  However, this time you are sorting bugs into their appropriate jars.  The bugs usually aren’t sitting still either.  They are moving along a conveyer belt!  So you think you’re getting pretty good?  Wait until the conveyor belt speeds up.  To make it even harder, the user has to distinguish between bugs and buttons.  After all, we want bugs in the jars, not buttons!
  8. Apple Pickin’: Pick those apples as quick as you can!  As soon as they grow on the apple tree you’ve got to get them into a basket by dragging them across the screen.  Sounds pretty easy, huh?  Wait until the bees show up!  Now you’ve got to drag them to the basket without getting stung by a bee.  Don’t forget: you’ve got to pick them off the apple tree before they turn rotten!
  9. Connect Dots: This Bugs and Buttons game is a simple connect-the-dots game.  The dots are actually buttons with numbers on them.  Make sure you select only the numbered buttons and pick them in the correct order because you’re being timed!
  10. Button Truck: This is another Bugs and Buttons game that focuses on hand-eye coordination.  You have to touch the buttons that fall out of the back of a button truck.  Touch them fast before they fall off the screen!  If this game gets too easy, wait until the bees show up!  You still have to grab the buttons, but you better not get stung!
  11. Bug-Mazing: You’ve probably heard of a mouse in a maze.  Amazingly the developers of Bugs and Buttons have trained ants and bees to navigate mazes, but they need your help!  Trace their path through the maze to help them get to the food.  Watch out though, if you get too good a dragonfly shows up that tries to eat your bug!
  12. Firefly Sky: Just about every kid that has seen a firefly tries to catch it in a jar.  Well how about yellow, red, blue, and green glowing fireflies?  Make sure you catch the appropriate color.
  13. Roach Racing: Nothing quite as disgusting as seeing a cockroach scurry across a tile floor.  Well, in this game you get to race those scurrying cockroaches!  You go head to head with 2 competitors.  Make your cockroach run by pressing alternate red and blue buttons.  Your competing cockroaches speed up as you do, so you better press those buttons fast!  Watch out for the spilled mustard on the floor though!
  14. Pinch & Grab: This is another Bugs and Button game that focuses on sorting.  However, this time the objects must be pinched and dragged to the correct container.  If you get good at sorting bugs the game advances to sorting soda cans, bugs, and cardboard into the appropriate containers.
  15. Butterfly Valley: Navigate a butterfly between dandelions on the way to the flower garden.  The butterfly is controlled by tilting the iPad back and forth.  As the butterfly successfully flies between the dandelions the game gets more difficult.  The butterfly speeds up and the dandelions are placed closer together.  Don’t forget to watch out for rocks!
  16. Find It!: This is a Bugs and Button spin on the classic shell game.  Watch an ant crawl underneath a thimble then focus as the thimbles are randomly moved.  Keep picking the correct thimble and the game speeds up.  Watch those thimbles carefully!
  17. Matching: This is a remake of the classic game of memory.  Turn over 2 cards at a time to try to find the matches!  This Bugs and Buttons game includes three levels.  The levels become more difficult as more cards are placed on the screen with each phase.  Hurry up though because you’re being timed!
  18. Letter Train: This activity focuses on letter sequencing.  Follow a train along the tracks and identify the correct missing letter in a random series of 5 letters.  Pick the right letter and the train toots its horn as a reinforcer!

Everything in the Bugs and Buttons games is well-designed.  The graphics, sounds, music, and game concepts work in unison to entertain and teach.  Unlike many other iPad apps, the sound effects are appropriately used to reward good performance and do not reinforce incorrect performance.

Stamps can be earned on each of these games if the iPad app user performs at an adequate level.  There are over 40 stamps to be earned!

Video Demo of Bugs and Buttons:


  • Show Scores: On or Off
  • Show Achievements: On or Off
  • Show Visual Instructions: On or Off
  • Show Extended Introduction: On or Off
  • Show Start and Explore: On or Off
  • Play Background Music in Games: On or Off
  • Reset All Scores and Settings: Reset All
Bugs and Buttons Inlcudes the Game of Tic-Tac-Toe
Play Tic-Tac-Toe Against One Smart Dragonfly in Bugs and Buttons iPad App

iPad App Designed to Teach:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Sorting skills
  • Matching skills
  • Pattern recognition
  • Counting
  • Colors
  • Letters
  • Tracking
  • Problem solving skills

May Help Children with Autism:

  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Learn numbers and letters
  • Learn cause and effect
  • Develop analytical skills

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Best of the iPhone Education Category by App Store Rewind 2011
  • Top 10 Apps for Kids by USA Today
  • Screen Play App of the Week by Parenting.com
  • “An App Masterpiece” by SmartAppsForKids.com

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