iPad App Review: Alphabet Zoo

Alphabet Zoo iPad app is an entertaining way to help your autistic child learn the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds.  The interactive design of this app helps engage the child while unique sound effects for each letter hold the child’s attention.  Each letter is accompanied by an animal that starts with the appropriate letter.  Even though the animal sounds may not be the most true to life sounds, they will definitely entertain you child while helping him learn the letters of the alphabet.

Name of iPad App:

Alphabet Zoo by Third Rail



Overview of iPad App:

iPad App Review of Alphabet Zoo
Alphabet Zoo iPad App Review

Alphabet Zoo is a simple, yet beautifully designed iPad app geared toward helping younger children associate letter sounds with their respective letters.  The activity screen features the letters of the alphabet occupying the bottom quarter of the screen.  When a letter is touched the first time the iPad user hears the name of the letter.  The second and third time the letter is pressed the user hears the sound that the letter makes.  The fourth time the letter is touched the letter changes into a picture associated with that letter.  For example, the image for the letter z is a zebra.  The word is pronounced as the image is displayed.  The fifth touch makes a sound effect start which is associated with the image.  Finally, if the letter or image is touched again the same cycle can be repeated for that letter.

Although this format seems rigid at first it is actually well thought out.  An environment of learning is created by forcing the iPad app user to hear the name and sound associated with each letter before advancing to the exciting sound associated with each letter’s image.  This helps the user learn the letters and their sounds while attempting to get to the more exciting sound associated with each letter.

The iPad user can change between letters at any time without going through the entire sequence listed above.  However, the same sequence must be followed for each letter to make the name of the letter, the sound of the letter, the image associated with the letter, and the sound associated with the image play.

The only other feature on this iPad app is an information button.  Clicking on this button causes a new screen to open which provides additional info about the concepts focused on in the app.  It also provides a link to an associated website providing additional information for educational standards.

Although simple in design, this iPad app does exactly what it claims to do.  And it does it well!  The app is interactive enough for a toddler to stay focused yet simple enough to keep the child from becoming frustrated.


  • No adjustable settings on Alphabet Zoo iPad App

iPad App Designed to:

  • Help children make the connection between the name of each letter and the sound associated with that letter.
  • Lay the foundation to help children learn to read.

May Help Children with Autism:

  • Learn letters of the alphabet
  • Learn the sounds associated with each letter
  • Learn cause and effect

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