Autism Genetics: Research List for ADA Gene Associated with Autism

ADA Gene Research List

2008 Research

The G22A Polymorphism of the ADA Gene and Susceptibility to Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Researchers examined 126 pairs of siblings from North America
  • Focused on a specific allele of the ADA gene thought to be associated with autism
  • Results suggested that ADA gene has a minimal impact on autism in North American families

2002 Research

Two-Loci ADA Haplotypes in Autistic Disorder

  • No research summary available

2001 Research

Autism: Evidence of Association with Adenosine Deaminase Genetic Polymorphism

  • Study researched children with autism and control groups from 2 different populations in Italy
  • Focused on the Asn allele of the ADA gene
  • Results showed that Asn allele found more frequently in individuals with autism compared to controls

2000 Research

Adenosine Deaminase Alleles and Autistic Disorder: Case-Control and Family-Based Association Studies

  • A case-control study
  • Included 91 individuals with autism and 152 controls
  • Focused on ADA1 and ADA2 allozymes of the ADA gene
  • Also researched familial linkage of the ADA2 allozyme and characteristics of individuals carrying the ADA2 allozyme


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