Autism Genetics: Research List for ABAT Gene Associated with Autism

ABAT Gene Research List

2012 Research

Evidence of Novel Fine-Scale Structural Variation at Autism Spectrum Disorder Candidate Loci

  • Describes background information suggesting that the GABAergic system may play a role in the cause of autism
  • Study included 657 individuals (338 diagnosed with autism and 319 controls)
  • Findings include genetic mutations found in many genes associated with the GABAergic system including the ABAT gene

2005 Research

Candidate-Gene Screening and Association Analysis at the Autism-Susceptibility Locus on Chromosome 16p: Evidence of Association at GRIN2A and ABAT

  • Researchers looked at 10 possible genes found on chromosome 16 with a possible relation to autism
  • Screening suggested 7 genetic variations existed that resulted in an amino acid change for the associated protein
  • Researchers found that only 2 of the 7 genetic variations were related to autism AND resulted in significant changes in the protein structure encoded by the gene


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