Autism Genetics: Research List for BCL2 Gene Associated with Autism

BCL2 Gene Research List

2011 Research

Expression of Inflammatory Cytokines, BCL2 and Cathepsin D are Altered in Lymphoblasts of Autistic Subjects

  • Focused on the possible role of inflammation and apoptosis in autism
  • Included a study group consisting of individuals with autism and a control group with neurotypical individuals
  • Researched levels of cytokines, cathepsin D protease, and expression of BCL2 in lymphoblasts

2010 Research

BDNF-Akt-Bcl2 Antiapoptotic Signaling Pathway is Compromised in the Brain of Autistic Subjects

  • Focused on determining if the mechanisms regulating apoptosis in the autistic brain are deregulated
  • Researched levels of BCL2 protein (expressed by the BCL2 gene)
  • Also focused on pathways that regulate BCL2 gene expression

Global Methylation Profiling of Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines Reveals Epigenetic Contributions to Autism Spectrum Disorders and a Novel Autism Candidate Gene, RORA, Whose Protein Product is Reduced in Autistic Brain

  • Focused on the relationship of DNA methylation to autism spectrum disorders
  • Report on methylation status of BCL2 gene
  • Also discusses levels of BCL2 expressed in the brain of individuals with autism compared to controls

Cathepsin D and Apoptosis Related Proteins Are Elevated in the Brain of Autistic Subjects

  • Primarily focuses on the association of cathepsin D with autism
  • Also discusses the relationship of BCL2 expression to autism
  • Report on findings of BCL2 expression in the brains of individuals with autism compared to controls in this study and a previous study 

2001 Research

Altered Levels of BCL2 and p53 Proteins in Parietal Cortex Reflect Deranged Apoptotic Regulation in Autism

  • No research summary available


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