List of Research for Folic Acid (5-MTHF, Folate, Folinic Acid, Leucovorin) as an Autism Treatment

5-Methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF), Folate, Folic Acid, Folinic Acid, and Leucovorin & Autism Research List

2012 Research

Cerebral Folate Receptor Autoantibodies in Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Provides overview of cerebral folate deficiency and folate receptor autoantibodies (FRAs) in autism
  • Studied concentrations of folate receptor autoantibodies (FRAs) in individuals with autism
  • Also studied the impact of leucovorin calcium on attention, receptive and expressive language, stereotypical behavior, and verbal communication

2011 Research

Vitamin Supplementation Reduces the Level of Homocysteine in the Urine of Autistic Children

  • Included 30 children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Focused on the effect of supplementation with folic acid combined with vitamins B6 and B12 on homocysteine urine levels compared to supplementation with only vitamins B6 and B12

Autism Speaks: Meeting on Folate Metabolism and Autism Spectrum Disorders, March 19-20, 2009, Washington, DC

  • No research summary available

2010 Research

Folate and Methionine Metabolism in Autism: a Systematic Review

  • A review article
  • Provides overview of folate metabolism and folate-methionine cycle in relation to autism
  • Review included 18 studies, 5 of which focused on interventions used to correct folic acid levels in individuals with autism

2009 Research

Efficacy of Methylcobalamin and Folinic Acid Treatment on Glutathione Redox Status in Children with Autism

  • An open-label trial
  • Included 40 children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Focused on effect of treatment with methylcobalamin and folinic acid on glutathione redox status and transmethylation/transsulfuration metabolites

2005 Research

Cerebral Folate Deficiency with Developmental Delay, Autism, and Response to Folinic Acid

  • A case study
  • Individual with autism had low levels of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) in the cerebral spinal fluid
  • Discusses impact of treatment with folate on cerebral spinal fluid levels of 5-MTHF

2004 Research

Metabolic Biomarkers of Increased Oxidative Stress and Impaired Methylation Capacity in Children with Autism

  • Treatment portion of study was an open-label study
  • Treatment intervention included 8 children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Studied the impact of folinic acid supplementation (combined with betaine or betaine and methylcobalamin) on transmethylation and transsulfuration pathways

2002 Research

Autism, an Extreme Challenge to Integrative Medicine. Part 2: Medical Management

  • A review article
  • Provides a brief summary of folic acid as an autism treatment

1988 Research

Controversies in the Treatment of Autistic Children: Vitamin and Drug Therapy

  • A review article
  • Briefly discusses high-dosage folic acid as an autism treatment

1986 Research

Folic Acid as an Adjunct in the Treatment of Children with the Autism Fragile-X Syndrome (AFRAX)

  • A double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study
  • Included 4 children with autism fragile-X syndrome
  • Focused on the impact of supplementation with folic acid on behavior

1981 Research

Folic Acid and B12 in Autism and Neuropsychiatric Disturbances of Childhood

  • No research summary available

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