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Blog Review of Big Daddy Autism
Big Daddy Autism Blog Review

Life for any parent can be challenging at times.  This is especially true for parents of a child with autism.  Some blogs written by parents of children with autism seem to focus on the challenges.  However, many blogs capture the delight that comes from raising an autistic child.  Big Daddy Autism is perhaps the best autism blog out there that captures the humor and joy of raising a child with autism.  He is able to present some of the unique behaviors of his son in a manner that illuminates the humor of the situation.  Big Daddy Autism’s optimism is truly inspirational.  So check out Big Daddy Autism and find yourself laughing before you know it.

Autism Blog Name:

Big Daddy Autism

Autism Blog URL:

Type of Autism Blog:

Parent Perspective

Blog Highlights:

  • Big Daddy Autism Keeps it Optimistic
  • Comic Strip Post Format Captures Daily Humor Experienced by Big Daddy Autism
  • Recent Posts Written in a Comic Strip Format
  • Many Earlier Posts Utilize Pop Culture to Emphasize Point

Date of First Post:

July 26, 2010

Number of Posts (as of September 13, 2011):


Blog Overview:

Big Daddy Autism shares some of the unique daily experiences from his life of raising a son with autism.  Recent posts have featured a comic strip format that captures the humor of everyday life at the home of Big Daddy Autism.  These comics highlight some of the quirks associated with autism in a manner that is uplifting and inspirational.

Earlier posts are largely text based but keep the reader engaged by frequently including pop culture to emphasize the post topic.  Although lacking the comic format in these posts, Big Daddy Autism is still able to keep the reader laughing as he describes his experiences with his son.

To learn more about Big Daddy Autism and the Big Daddy Autism family check out the About section on the blog.  You can also check out the blogs that he follows on the Big Daddy Autism Blogroll.  Finally, check out the Press and Media page to find out what other bloggers are saying about Big Daddy Autism.  Here you will also discover what several celebrities are saying about Big Daddy Autism, at least what those celebrities might say if asked their opinion about Big Daddy Autism’s Blog.

Big Daddy Autism’s writing style is so engaging that it even caught the eye of a publisher.  This led to the production of a book penned by Big Daddy Autism himself.  The book is titled Big Daddy’s Tales from the Lighter Side of Raising a Kid with Autism.  Read more about the book on Big Daddy Autism’s Blog.

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