Outstanding Autism Video Blog Post: “Fixing” Autism


"Fixing" Autism by Lou's Land Receives the Outstanding Video Blog Post Award
An Outstanding Video Blog Post Award Goes to "Fixing" Autism by Lou's Land

Silence can often be more powerful than spoken words!  It forces the listener to formulate his or her own thoughts rather than draw from the tone and inflection of the speaker.  Sometimes words are just a distraction that diminish the impact of a message.  A recent video blog by Lou’s Land illustrates this idea perfectly.

The video is titled “Fixing” Autism.  It features a father expressing his experiences with his autistic daughter, including the ups and downs along the way.  It also conveys the emotional roller coaster that parents experience when they begin to suspect that their child might have autism and after receiving the diagnosis.  This is all accomplished without speaking a single word!

As the video progresses, the viewer learns that an autism diagnosis is only the beginning of the roller coaster ride.  Difficult challenges lie ahead, but those challenges are mixed with many joys.  “Fixing” Autism expresses the ups and downs of parenting an autistic child in a simple, yet powerful manner.

The roller coaster of challenges includes redefining “normal”.  Normal playtimes are replaced by a multitude of therapies.  Trips into public that normally would not be cause for much stress become overwhelming as your child does not engage in “socially acceptable” behaviors at the grocery store or other public places.

The ride continues as treatment options create a huge financial stress on the family.  For most health conditions, insurances will cover a large portion of the expenses…but not for autism.

But yet, just as it seems inevitable that the roller coaster is going to fly off the track…hope remains!  That hope overcomes the stress and frustrations experienced.  The parent accepts these challenges and strives to do more.  They learn who their child truly is.  A new commitment is made to help the child reach their fullest potential, whatever that potential might be.

When time and energy permit, the parent then looks outward.  Opportunities are taken to help others in need.  The experiences gained from raising an autistic child help that parent influence others for good.

The video produced by Lou’s Land does not convey a unique perspective on parenting an autistic child.  However, the delivery of the message is truly unique in that it allows the viewer to wrap the message around their own experiences.  It also allows room to imagine how another person might interpret the video.

If you haven’t already watched the video, watch “Fixing” Autism now!  If you are the parent of an autistic child you will relate personally to the message conveyed.  If you are not, it will open a door to understand the emotional ups and downs of raising a child with autism.

Thank you Lou’s Land for taking the time to produce this powerful video!  Here are two thumbs up for an Outstanding Autism Video Blog Post!

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    Thank you so much for the post and for your eloquent summation of my video.

    Nothing pleases me more than when people really GET IT.

    There is a reason the word “fix” appears in quotes, and you understand that perfectly.


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