Outstanding Autism Blog Post: A Hair-Dryer Kid in a Toaster-Brained World

Few autism blog posts exist that explain the differences between a typical child and an autistic child in a powerful, succinct, and uplifting way.

Hair-Dryer Kid in a Toaster-Brained World Receives Outstanding Blog Post Award
Outstanding Blog Post Award for MOM-NOS's "A Hair-Dryer Kid in a Toaster-Brained World"

The autism blogging world is filled with many gifted writers.  Hours and hours could be spent reading the varied experiences of families affected by autism on the multitude of autism blogs out there.  However, it takes special insight and thought to write a blog post that resonates with so many people across the autism community.  Such a blog post was written by MOM-Not Otherwise Specified about the differences and similarities between a child with autism and his classmates.  The blog post is titled A Hair-Dryer Kid in a Toaster-Brained World.

Sometimes it can be difficult for parents to explain to others the differences between their child with autism and a typically-developing child.  Parents want others to understand the key differences without suggesting that their child is not as good as another.  However, many parents struggle to find the words to help others understand why their child sometimes acts differently.

A Hair-Dryer Kid in a Toaster-Brained World uses a simple, yet powerful, analogy that can be used to help others understand the reason why autistic children may not always behave according to social norms.  It also uses the same analogy to demonstrate why the differences autistic children have can also be their biggest strengths.

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading this outstanding autism blog post, take the time to do so now.  It will change the way you perceive the differences between autistic children and typically-developing children.  It will also likely change the way you try to explain those differences to others.

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