iPad App Review: Toddler Counting

Check out this iPad app that will help your child with autism learn to count.  Toddler Counting is a simple, yet efficient app that teaches numbers and counting.  Utilizing a large variety of objects, this iPad app will entertain your child while teaching them to count.  It’s interactive nature helps reinforce the child’s action, thus accelerating the learning process.  Toddler Counting is extremely easy to use yet very effective at teaching children the concept of counting.

Name of iPad App:

Toddler Counting by iTot Apps



Overview of iPad App:

Screenshot of Counting Basketballs from Toddler Counting iPad App

Counting Basketballs Screenshot from Toddler Counting iPad App

Toddler Counting is an efficient iPad app developed to help young children learn basic counting skills.  The design of the app involves placing different numbers of objects on the screen in random locations.  The user then touches each image.  As each picture is touched the image of the object becomes lighter and a number is place over that picture.  This continues until each of the objects has been touched or counted.

For example, one screen might have 2 kites.  As the iPad user touches the first kite it becomes lighter and the number 1 is placed over the first kite.  A voice also says “1″ as the first kite is touched.  When the second kite is touched the number 2 is placed over that kite while a voice says “2″.  A voice then compliments the user for counting all of the images.

The next screen might have 8 bears.  The same process as described above occurs until all 8 bears have been touched or counted.  The user is then complimented and the app moves on to another screen involving a different quantity of new objects to be counted.

Once an image has been counted it can’t be recounted.  This encourages the user to move on to the next object in the counting sequence.  The user can count the image pictures in any order.  The iPad user is not restricted in the manner they count the objects other than not being able to count the same object twice.

The iPad app randomly selects the object and the number of that object on each screen.  It also randomly selects the location of the images on each screen.  This prevents the counting from becoming monotonous.  There are also over 100 different images that are randomly selected to be counted.  This keeps the user constantly counting unique pictures.

A recent update also allows an easier or more difficult level to be selected on the main menu.  The easier level works with lower numbers of objects to be counted while the more difficult level deals with higher numbers of objects.

Once in the program it is difficult to navigate back to the main menu.  Therefore, the iPad user can’t easily switch between the easy and difficult levels while using the iPad app. Even exiting the app and restarting the program does not always bring the main menu up.  Otherwise, this iPad app is well designed and does an excellent job helping children learn to count and to recognize numbers.

Video Demo of Toddler Counting iPad App:


Screenshot of Counting Bears from Toddler Counting iPad App

Counting Bears Screenshot from Toddler Counting iPad App

  • No adjustable settings on Toddler Counting iPad app
  • Ability to choose easier or more difficult level on main menu

iPad App Designed to:

  • Help children learn to count
  • Help children learn numbers

May Help Children with Autism:

  • Learn to count
  • Learn numbers
  • Associate a number with its correlating quantity of items
  • Learn cause and effect

*Note: Toddler Counting screenshots are copyrighted and are used with the permission of their owner.

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