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Autism and the Myelencephalon

Autism and the Brain: Myencephalon

Autism and the Myelencephalon More information coming soon! Regions of the Myelencephalon: Medulla Oblongata   Additional Resources: More Information about Autism and the Hindbrain More […]

Autism Genetics

A2BP1 Gene and Autism

Autism Genetics: The A2BP1 Gene

Autism and the A2BP1 Gene A2BP1 Gene Background Info Where is the A2BP1 gene located? The A2BP1 gene is located on chromosome 16 What does […]

Resources for Understanding the Genetics of Autism

Resources for Understanding the Genetics of Autism

Resources for Understanding Autism Genetics Alleles Wikipedia: Allele Encyclopedia Britannica: Allele Scitable by Nature: Allele Chromosomes Genetics Home Reference (U.S. National Library of Medicine): What […]

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Autism & the iPad

Menu for iWriteWords

iPad App Review: iWriteWords

Handwriting and fine motors skills can be difficult for many children with autism.  iWriteWords is a superbly designed iPad app that helps children learn to recognize and write letters and numbers.  Best of all, it does so in a manner that prevents bad handwriting habits from forming while simultaneously engaging the child’s attention.  iWriteWords may […]

Milo Demonstrates Preposition

iPad App Review: Speech with Milo: Prepositions

Speech with Milo: Prepositions is the second installment of the Speech with Milo iPad app.  Over 20 prepositions are taught through the use of a clever mouse that acts out each preposition.  Using visual and auditory methods, Milo the mouse engages and entertains the user.  Speech with Milo: Prepositions may also help children with autism develop cause and effect skills […]

Detailed Review of Bugs and Buttons App for the iPad

iPad App Review: Bugs and Buttons

Tired of paying $3 for an iPad app that just isn’t worth the price?  Then take a look at Bugs and Buttons!  This completely unique iPad app includes 18 original games/activities that make learning fun and entertaining.  Bugs and Buttons comes packed with games that help develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.  It also […]

Autism Blogs

Autism Blogs, Autism Blog, Autism Blog Directory

Autism Blogs

Autism Blogs and Posts Autism Blogs and Highlighted Autism Blog Posts: Alphabetical Listing of Autism Blogs Outstanding Autism Blog Posts   Additional Resources: More Information About Autism

Review of an Autism Blog

Autism Blog Review: The Autism Retort

Looking for a complete listing of autism blogs?  The Autism Retort provides an impressive alphabetical listing of autism-related blogs and provides the latest autism news. The Autism Retort also provides a feed of the 25 most recent posts from the autism blogging community.  This is a well-designed site that makes it easy to find the […]

Blog Review of Big Daddy Autism

Autism Blog Review: Big Daddy Autism

Life for any parent can be challenging at times.  This is especially true for parents of a child with autism.  Some blogs written by parents of children with autism seem to focus on the challenges.  However, many blogs capture the delight that comes from raising an autistic child.  Big Daddy Autism is perhaps the best autism […]