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Research for Autism and Diesel Exhaust Particles

Autism and the Environment: Diesel Exhaust Particles

Autism Environmental Risk Factors: Diesel Exhaust Particles 2013 Research →Prenatal and Early-Life Exposure to High-Level Diesel Exhaust Particles Leads to Increased Locomotor Activity and Repetitive Behaviors in Mice A mouse-based study Study exposed pregnant and nursing mice to diesel exhaust particles Examined the impact of diesel exhaust particle exposed mice on changes in behaviors including […]

Autism Signs and Symptoms

Sutterella Bacteria Commonly Found in Autistic Individuals While Not Found in Controls

Autism Symptoms: A Microbial Association with Autism

Autism Symptoms Research: Gastrointestinal symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea are often associated with autism.  However, it is still unknown how frequently such GI issues affect these individuals.  This may be due in part to insufficient knowledge in regard to the cause of the gastrointestinal symptoms found in autism.  A recent study identified a possible […]

List of Research for 3-MCC Deficiency and Autism Risk Research

List of Research for Autism Risk and 3-MCC Deficiency

3-MCC Deficiency and Autism Risk 2012 Research →Outcome of Infants Diagnosed with 3-Methyl-Crotonyl-CoA-Carboxylase Deficiency by Newborn Screening A retrospective study Included 35 cases of 3-Methyl CoA Carboxylase (3-MCC) deficiency identified by newborn screening Examined the relationship of 3-MCC deficiency to later measures of outcome such as metabolic symptoms, mental retardation, and autism risk   Additional […]

Autism Genetics

A2BP1 Gene and Autism

Autism Genetics: The A2BP1 Gene

Autism and the A2BP1 Gene A2BP1 Gene Background Info Where is the A2BP1 gene located? The A2BP1 gene is located on chromosome 16 What does the A2BP1 gene do? Encodes an RNA binding protein What other names does the A2BP1 gene go by? Ataxin 2-Binding Protein 1, FOX1, HRNBP1, RBFOX1 A2BP1 Research in the Context […]

Resources for Understanding the Genetics of Autism

Resources for Understanding the Genetics of Autism

Resources for Understanding Autism Genetics Alleles Wikipedia: Allele Encyclopedia Britannica: Allele Scitable by Nature: Allele Chromosomes Genetics Home Reference (U.S. National Library of Medicine): What is a Chromosome? National Human Genome Research Institute: Chromosome Fact Sheet GeneEd: Basics of Chromosomes Scitable by Nature: Chromosome Mapping DNA Learning Center: Video Showing DNA Being Packed into Chromosomes […]

Autism Treatments

Clincial Trial Looks at Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as an Autism Treatment and its Effect on Cytokines

Autism Research: Brief Report: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Clinical Trial

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Research: One treatment option available for autism spectrum disorder is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).  Relatively few studies have been conducted using this treatment option.  Of those studies, many suggest there may be a benefit to hyperbaric oxygen therapy while at least one showed no benefit.  A recent clinical trial attempted to […]

List of Research for Communication DEALL as an Autism Treatment

2010 Research →Efficacy of Communication DEALL–an Indigenous Early Intervention Program for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders A prospective study Included 30 individuals with autism spectrum disorders Focused on the impact of the Communication DEALL Program on developmental skills and behaviors Also focused on changes in Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) scores with participation in the […]

Autism & the iPad

Menu for iWriteWords

iPad App Review: iWriteWords

Handwriting and fine motors skills can be difficult for many children with autism.  iWriteWords is a superbly designed iPad app that helps children learn to recognize and write letters and numbers.  Best of all, it does so in a manner that prevents bad handwriting habits from forming while simultaneously engaging the child’s attention.  iWriteWords may […]

Screenshot of Counting Basketballs from Toddler Counting iPad App

iPad App Review: Toddler Counting

Check out this iPad app that will help your child with autism learn to count.  Toddler Counting is a simple, yet efficient app that teaches numbers and counting.  Utilizing a large variety of objects, this iPad app will entertain your child while teaching them to count.  It’s interactive nature helps reinforce the child’s action, thus accelerating […]

Icon for Montessori Pre-Language

iPad App Review: 1 Montesorri Pre-Language Exercises HD – Opposites

Are you looking for an iPad app that focuses on teaching your autistic child the concept of opposites?  Check out 1 Montesorri Pre-Language Exercises HD – Opposites.  This iPad app features 30 pairs of opposites.  While mastering the concept of opposites your child with autism may also learn new nouns and better generalization skills.  This well-designed […]

Autism Blogs

Blog Review of Big Daddy Autism

Autism Blog Review: Big Daddy Autism

Life for any parent can be challenging at times.  This is especially true for parents of a child with autism.  Some blogs written by parents of children with autism seem to focus on the challenges.  However, many blogs capture the delight that comes from raising an autistic child.  Big Daddy Autism is perhaps the best autism […]

Review of Life with Max Autism Blog

Autism Blog Review: Life with Max

Autism often brings out the best in people.  Although autism can be a hard and difficult road, those that travel the road often find themselves better able to help other people.  The autism blog called Life with Max is a perfect example of this.  Life with Max tells about a mother’s determination to understand her […]

"Fixing" Autism by Lou's Land Receives the Outstanding Video Blog Post Award

Outstanding Autism Video Blog Post: “Fixing” Autism

  Silence can often be more powerful than spoken words!  It forces the listener to formulate his or her own thoughts rather than draw from the tone and inflection of the speaker.  Sometimes words are just a distraction that diminish the impact of a message.  A recent video blog by Lou’s Land illustrates this idea perfectly. The video […]